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Okay, so my first feature isn't anything to big. I had these animations on my old site and needed to find a place to tell you about them on my new site. I call it Futuresplash because back when I was 15 and made these animations, Futuresplash was it's own company and I used their software. Just because I was young, my "rinky-dink" animations made it to a feature spot on the Futersplash homepage. Then the hits came pouring in. I was getting emails left and right from people visiting my site. It was very exciting. I was even featured in a magazine as a cool site to see.

Well, then Futuresplash was bought by Macromedia and they renamed it to Flash and started charging a bundle for the software. I no longer had a link from their page and the visitors slowed down. I didnt end up making anymore animations. These are the original.

I like to consider myself a pioneer in this aspect. Flash has caught on big time nowadays, and I can say I've been there, done that before any of you had even heard of it. Now, on to the high quality animations...

This one was my side bar. It was complete with random roll-over and click animations.

I had a clock in my upper right hand corner. I made it so you could click on a link and it would replace the clock with this nifty, high-quality animation.

The final one was my front door. Complete with a picture of my young self.