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Wemail Version 0.02e (Second beta release)
License: none

See CHANGELOG for v02e fix

This is my first attempt at a Web-based email client. Any feedback (bugs, enhancements) would be greatly appreciated. Just send me an email. I tried to limit what packaged this depends on. It only depends on

I have only tested in on my machines: Linux with Perl 5.6.0, Linux with Perl 5.004.
I've been told it runs on Win2k also.
I cannot promise it will work on other systems. but, try.. and then tell me!


Check up to four pop3 accounts
Check up to four Imap accounts.
Save up to three return addresses
Send mail via sendmail or smtp
Send up to three attachments in an mail
Supports displaying HTML email messages
Supports sending HTML email messages
Supports embedded multimedia in email messages
Supports infinitly nested emails and attachments.
Add/Delete folders
Address book which supports groups
Automatic and manual filtering of messages
Trash can
Search email
Color message labeling (automatic and manual)
Message status (Read, Unread, New, Replied, Forwarded)
Temporary message sorting (by From, Subject, Date or Size)
Permanent message sorting by date
Outbox with send again option
Stores messages in text files
Option of using cookies for saving sessions

More documentation and clean up the code
mod_perl support
Javascript features for easier use
Enhanced Addressbook
Filters in IMAP

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Download Wemail V.02e (Tarball)